Monday, November 22, 2010

Bro's Wedding Eve Dinner

Unexpected event happened in our family. :( Was supposed to continue blogging bout bro's wedding but haven't been able to online much coz been 'camping' somewhere since last Friday. That place was so cold that I finally get to wear my hoodie. =.= By the way, what happened was shocking and saddening...especially looking at all these pictures...haiz! The month of November started really well with bro's wedding but is ending pretty badly...gosh...tough luck! Life is definitely giving us lemons right now...hopefully we can get some lemonade soon. :( It's tough blogging this right now but I need a place to vent and keep myself going. 

Nov 6 (Sat): Bro's 'Lao Tiah Meh'
Mom and Dad invited all their friends and relatives to our house for buffet dinner the night before bro's wedding day. We estimated about 80 people to come but I guess more than 100 turned it was a lil' chaotic. Was busy moving chairs and tables from the house coz there weren't enough place to sit...then moved everything back in again coz it was drizzling. =.= Mom and dad were also busy entertaining all the was pretty overwhelming but I enjoyed the 'merry merry' atmosphere. :)

Didn't managed to take pics of everyone who came...these are just some that I took.

'Merry merry' atmosphere inside the house as well. Bro's 'brothers' were busy discussing about their plans for the next morning...some guests were looking at wedding album...some sang karaoke...and some just watched the 'karaoke show'. :p

The party ended at about 10pm. Bro 'eat full too free' wanted to clean the floor so dad helped him.

Grandma busy getting ready for the 'bai ti gong' ceremony at midnight. She's the expert. :p

The ceremony started with mom & dad 'escorting' bro from his room...and he must wear his pyjamas...hahaha!

Then grandma led the worshiping ceremony

Mom and dad's turn. Bro was the videoman and I was the camera girl. :p

Feed 汤圆...bro has to swallow without not understand why though. :p 'Siao kia' too excited about getting married.

敬茶 to parent.

End of the ceremony was to go to bed...hahaha!! Of course he didn't sleep right away lar. :p

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