Friday, November 5, 2010


Counting down 2 days to big bro's big day. My mission to complete Europe tour updates totally failed coz I've been busy working on bro's wedding slideshow for almost one whole week. 

Btw, this post is dedicated as a remembrance of Nana...very sad to hear that she left us on 4 Nov 2010. I was shocked when I saw Daniel's msg this morning...this was too sudden and unexpected. :( But at least it's good to know that she left without suffering at all. My heartfelt condolences to Donna, Daniel, Anna, and the rest of the family. It's always tough losing someone you love.

I'm glad that I had to chance to get to know Nana and spent time with her when I was in the States, all thanks to Anna & Daniel. She was really a nice and lovely grandma.I remember helping her set up Christmas ornaments, taught her computer, went shopping with her at Bridge Street before I left, and her Alabama keychain that she gave me as a farewell gift, etc.  She will be greatly missed. R.I.P. Nana.

Nice smile!

Grandkids...the greatest gift of all! :) Lovely grandson & grandma.

I can see that she's really proud of her daughter and grandchildren.

 Treasure your loved ones while you still have the chance to do so.

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SamSeiko said...

Send condolences on behalf of my team mates and myself.