Saturday, June 30, 2012

Il Bacaro

Had dinner gathering + birthday celebration with my colleagues at this Italian restaurant called Il Bacaro/Campbell House last weekend. Campbell House is actually a Heritage Boutique hotel in Georgetown. It's good to see that a lot of old heritage houses like this in Penang are now refurbished to give a new breath to this city and contribute to Georgetown's renaissance. 

Anyway, it's actually funny talking about how I got to know about this place coz I'm not a foodie and I hardly go food-hunting. I knew about this place because we actually ordered-in 'fine dine' Italian food for lunch at! Nope I'm not trying to boast, I just wanna say that cold-fine-dine-food-in-a-plastic-container is not appropriate. That's all...haha!! =P After so many disappointments, I finally got to taste the real fine dine-in and it's definitely better than what I had previously.

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