Friday, June 8, 2012

Oh WoW!!

Yess...I've finally got my own domain after blogging for 5 years!! babeh!! Ok ok...I know i'm a bit overacting. =P Well my blog isn't popular anyway so getting my own domain is just for fun and to waste $10 annually...haha! 

Between my 'special mission' and US trip, I went back to work for 4 days and got this surprise:

Thanks Ali for the nomination! =) Honestly, my past 1.5 years with the firm has been pretty good and I'm really grateful for that. 

RM 250 Parkson voucher+gift card & a cert...not bad huh! 

Borrowed this book 3 months ago but didn't have time to read it. Re-borrowed it again now that I'm free-er, seems like China has a lot to offer...maybe China can be my next destination?? =P

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