Saturday, June 23, 2012

Underrated Food Capital - #2 Penang

I've always been interested in travel-related articles and while I was randomly browsing through some articles on CNNGO few days ago, the following list caught my interest. After going through the list, the first thought that came through my mind was "Hmm...90% of all the food in this list can be found in Malaysia...but why is Singapore more well-known for all these good food when our country is also a food heaven??" Something must have gone wrong with our tourism marketing. 

CNNGO: 40 Singapore foods we can't live without

And then...I stumbled upon another article on TIME that did justice to Penang...oh yeah! =) But still, thanks to the list above, it's a good guide for Dan's visit to Penang this December. =P

TIME: Asia’s Best Eats: 4 Underrated Food Capitals

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