Tuesday, October 9, 2012

AXN Big Challenge vs Amazing Race China Rush??

Bro & I have been getting a lot of similar questions lately and confusing a lot of people around us over the past month...mainly because of 2 things that start with the alphabet "A" - Amazing Race China Rush & AXN Big Challenge. Well, AXN & Amazing Race is somehow related (especially now that TAR21 is airing on AXN) so I'm not surprised why people got confused...lol!! 

As for us, these 2 things are absolutely unrelated...just so happen that the AXN Big Challenge commercial was aired on Astro for the whole month of September and The Amazing Race China Rush 3 is also airing now in China...lol!! To clear up the confusions...here are the answers to all the FAQs that we've been getting lately. =P

Q: "Oh I saw your commercial on TV! You must have made a lot of money from it huh?"
A: Nope, we didn't get paid anything from doing this commercial. Instead, I travelled down to KL on my own expense for this...just for fun. We were invited to do this commercial coz we were the winners for last year's AXN Big Challenge. 

Q: "Oh I saw you on TV! Congratulations on winning the Amazing Race!!"
A: Crap we confused people again...I knew this was coming! No the Race is not over yet and we were just promoting this year's AXN Big Challenge as last year's winners.

Q: "Oh I saw you on TV! When's your Amazing Race airing on AXN?"
A: Erm...that commercial was not for the Amazing Race. We haven't heard anything about the Amazing Race China Rush 3 being aired in Malaysia yet so maybe you can watch it on Youtube for the moment.
Q: "Never mind, I'll just wait for it to be aired on Astro. Let me know when it's aired."
A: [Sweat!!] Erm...slow slow wait har...I doubt it will be aired on Astro...lol!!

Q: "Oh when did you come back? I thought you're still in China?"
Q: "Where are you now by the way? Are you still in China or Malaysia?"
Q: "Ei why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be racing in China?"
Q: "Is your Race over already? When are you going back to China to continue racing?"
A: Ladies & gentlemen, we were done with the filming for the Amazing Race China Rush 3 back in April and we've been back for 6 months already. The Race is only aired in China now coz they need time to do the post-production...this is not 'live' la. =P

Q: "How much did you spend for the Race? Do you have to pay for your own travelling and accommodation cost?"
A: We only paid for our flights to Shanghai. Everything else (flights, hotels, meals) was paid for by the production during the race.

Q: "How did you find out about this Race and how did you apply? Was it easy?"
A: If there's a will, there's a way. =P If you're really interested to know, here's the link.

Q: "Where are the Youtube links? Can you please PM me?"
A: Here you go.

Q: "So did you win the Race?"
A: That's for me to know, for you to find out when the show is aired. =P

Hahaha...hope I've cleared all of your confusion...lol!! By the way, we're almost 2/3 through the Amazing Race China Rush 3. Check out the first 7 episodes in the playlist below and stay tuned as the Top 6 teams continue to experience the RUSH of a lifetime!!

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Unknown said...

Now I see where your FAQs are coming from...

Another question that I have to answer all the time...Where are the Youtube links? Can you please PM me?

Another one probably, how did you know about this and how did you apply? Is it easy?