Wednesday, December 24, 2014

One Month

It's Christmas Eve today and exactly a month since I arrived. As mentioned in my previous post, I've slowly settled into my new life here and also slowly picking up my work momentum (coz it's the holiday season)...will be shifting to full gear right after the New Year. Nothing much has been going on over the past week (finished watching a good drama 16个夏天) but I'm gonna try to blog at least once a week to update my family back home about my life here and also as a reminder for myself to keep life interesting. :P

Last week's dinner (prepared on Sunday) was roasted chicken + stir fried veggies + rice. =) 

Dec 13 (Sat): Drove down to Birmingham for company's holiday party at Avon Theater. We were all dressed up looking 'professional' for the party (gotta follow the dress code). :P So far I've only been in the office for one day and hardly knew anyone else in the office but at least had the opportunity to chat and catch up with some people whom I'll be working together for the next 2 months. Hubby couldn't enjoy the 'drinks' coz we had to drive 1.5 hour back to Huntsville right after the party. 

After being here for almost 4 weeks, I've finally ticked off the last big thing on my to-do list for this relocation...passed my road test (in 1 attempt) and got my driver's license!! This relocation has really been like pressing a restart button coz I had to redo things that I've done before 10 years ago all over again. I've been driving for 10 years and having to take a written test & road test again wasn't fun. I was kinda nervous during my road test and was driving very slowly and carefully coz I heard it's easy to fail. So now I can officially drive on both sides of the!! Kinda weird (and waste of resources) that they issued me 2 driver after passing the written test and another one after passing the road test. :P Also received a cute card from my UAH bestie, Uyanga this week. =)


Dec 20 (Sat): Date night with hubby at this Asian restaurant near our place. Found out that the owner is from Hong Kong and I guess I made the right choice ordering the Beef Fried Hor Fun since it's a Cantonese dish. :P Hubby ordered his 'usual' Kung Pao Chicken dinner set that came with a spring roll, wonton soup, and fried rice. Food was pretty good and I'm sure we will come back again since it's so close to our place. :)

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