Friday, October 1, 2010

Beautiful city of Edinburgh

Sept 25 (Sat): Stayed back one more day in Edinburgh after our 3-days tour and walked around the city for an entire day. Edinburgh is 'small' enough for us to cover most of the attractions by foot in one day. =) Initially we were planning to take the free walking tour but decided not to coz it would be faster if we walked ourselves...besides Edinburgh is quite a safe city for us to explore ourselves with a map. :p

Stayed at Royal Mile hostel for a night. The staff were really nice and helpful...we had to check out early but coz we were only leaving at night...they allowed us to store our bags and take a shower before we headed to the coach station for our night bus. =)

St. Giles Cathedral

Saw someone getting married at the Parliament House and managed to get a picture with the bagpiper. 

Edinburgh University...the Law & Medicine faculty.

Greyfriars Kirk & Cemetery


Edinburgh Castle...we didn't go in though.

The castle looks nicer from this view...beautifully sitting on the mountain. 

We just simply walked and passed by this nice slope.

The lady in red skirt was our dorm mate...found out about this dance & live music thingy from her. 

Princess Street Garden between the old town & new town. As usual, I was doing my crazy jumpshots again. :p

The Scott Monument 

Along Princess area in Edinburgh.

Old Calton many cemeteries in Edinburgh.

Going up Calton Hill...The Nelson Monument & Dugald Stewart Monument in the background.

The National to those who died fighting for the UK in the Napoleonic Wars...looks like the Parthenon in Athens.

Great view of Edinburgh city from Calton Hill =)

More picturesque scenery from the hill...Arthur's Seat is the mountain in the background. 

The New Parliament House & Robert Burns Monument...I'm basically just taking photos of the exterior of different buildings...haha! :p

The Holyrood Palace...not Hollywood. :p Queen Elizabeth II spends a week here every summer.

Along High Street. The little boy in in kilt was so cute!!

Night photos of the city as we were heading to the coach station for our night bus back to London.

I'm now back in London...resting one day before our next journey...16 days Europe tour...gonna be visiting many nice places in 8 countries so more pictures to come. :p Barcelona & Valencia pictures are still pending...haven't got time to work on them yet...hope I can make some progress today...hehe! :p This 4 months journey is gonna be ending soon...gonna be back in M'sia in 19 days...woohoo!!! =)


Ann said...

Hi Tang, may i know how you tour ard Edinburgh? where to stay budget hostel? i plan to go there from london and spend one day quick walk ard edinburgh. Any suggestion. thank you said...

Hey Ann,

My friend and I stayed at Royal Mile was pretty cheap and decent and very close to the highstreet so was very convenient.

I took a night bus from London to Edinburgh but it was a pretty loooong journey and wasnt very comfortable.

One day should be enough to walk around Edinburgh. You can grab a brochure and map from the hostel and just go wherever u're interested. U can basically walk everywhere in the city. :p There's also a free walking tour if u're interested in the history of Edinburgh...just pay some tips at the end of the tour.

As you can see from my blog...these are some of the places that I visited:
St. Giles Cathedral
Edinburgh University
Greyfriars Kirk & Cemetery
Edinburgh Castle
Princess Street Garden
The Scott Monument
Princess Street
Old Calton Cemetery
Calton Hill
The National Monument
Arthur's Seat
The New Parliament House & Robert Burns Monument
The Holyrood Palace

Ann said...
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Ann said...

Hi Tang, thank you very much for your information. That mean all the place you visited in the list is just nearby and no need to take other transportation? sorry for i had yet do any research on this route. thank you again. said...

Yes it's possible to walk everywhere. :) They have buses as well but i didnt take any. :p