Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vatican City

Oct 9 (Sun): Monaco is the 2nd smallest country in the which country tops it?'s Vatican City. Kinda weird how a small area surrounded by walls can be considered a country when it's actually in Rome. 

Our tour guide organized a tour for the museum and Sisteen Chapel that costs €40 and most of the tour mates went on that tour. I thought it was kinda pricey so decided not to follow and walked around myself instead. After all, I wouldn't be listening to the tour guide anyway. :p 

So many people queuing to get into the museum

It was still early when I got to Saint Peter's Square so there were still no crowds yet.

I had too much time so used my tripod to take some jumpshots around the square. Met a Canadian lady who was kind enough to offer to help me take picture and recommended some places for me to see around Rome. :) I didn't notice that I could have gone into the Basilica earlier when there were no queue but I was so busy camwhoring so the queue was already pretty long when I started queuing...blur me. =.=

Entrance to Saint Peter's Basilica was free but we had to queue coz everyone had to go through the security screening. The interior was very beautiful. :)

St Angelo Castle & gladiators. I still had the whole day to walk around Rome but decided to call it a day earlier coz I was too lazy to see other sights. :p

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