Thursday, October 28, 2010

Journey To Switzerland

Been busy tidying up my room and helping out with bro's wedding for the past few days. Bro's big day is coming soon so everyone in the family is getting busy with all the planning and many things to deal with. But too bad I'm not really helping much...just working on the slideshow...bro and mom are handling most of it. Lotsa wedding pics coming soon so my goal is to finish updating about my Europe trip by next week. :) 

Oct 12 (Tues): Journey to the Swiss Alps
Continuing our journey up north from Italy...our next destination was Switzerland!! The only country out of all 8 countries that we visited that doesn't use Euros but uses Swiss Francs instead. And because of this we rugi quite a lot from currency exchange...from RM-Pounds-Euros-SwissFc...haiz! :p 

Money matters aside, we spent only 1.5 days in Switzerland but I think I fell in love with this country already!! Of all the countries that I've visited during this Europe trip...I'll definitely choose to come back to Switzerland if I've got the chance. :) Switzerland is such a pretty country...loveee the breathtaking scenery of the Swiss Alps, the clean & fresh air, the tranquil & simple lifestyle, and the friendliness of its people!! 

Picturesque scenery from the moment we crossed the Swiss border.

My poor camera never got to rest throughout the journey uphill & downhill. We stopped by Sustenpass for lunch break.

The whole journey was winding road...luckily I was sitting in front so didn't feel sick at all. Our coach driver was really professional...ain't easy driving a coach up this narrow winding road...and look at the fence by the roads...imagine falling off the cliff!! 

Lotsa mountains in Switzerland. There was avalanche warning coz those snow at the peaks may melt anytime. I realized only all the Malaysians sitting in front of the coach were busy taking pictures throughout the journey while all the angmohs were sleeping at the back. Can't blame us coz we don't get to see all these in M'sia!!

Lotsa tunnels along the way as well

Steve was nice enough to do a pitstop for us to get off the coach and take pictures. :) Viewing the scenery by the cliffs was absolutely awesome!! =) But my leg was shaking coz it was quite scary standing there!!

The daredevils...don't play play leh!! 

Those angmohs in the bottom right pic really 'boh kiasi'...climb here climb there. :p Well I also climbed up there and took some pics. :p

Continuing our journey...lotsa greeneries & clean rivers. Love those houses by the mountains.

Nice village as we were approaching our hostel at Grindelwald....1034m above sea levels.

Finally arrived our The Mountain Hostel...stayed here for 2 nights. This was the only hostel that we stayed throughout the trip but I quite liked this place coz they had a common area for us to hangout with other tour mates and the rooms were very comfortable too. =)

On top of that...beautiful scenery around the hostel.

Had our sumptuous dinner at a local restaurant...appetizer, main course, desert...yum yum!! Nice view of the mountains from the restaurant too. But I was surprised to find out that a glass of water cost CHF4 = RM12!?!? Luckily I didn't order...haha! :p

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