Friday, October 29, 2010

Top of Europe...Jungfraujoch!!

Oct 13 (Wed): Snowy mountains...Jungfraujoch (3571m)
Took too many pictures in Switzerland so I'm gonna split into two posts. :p If you've seen the previous post, I personally think that the pics in this post are even nicer. =) We spent most of our day 3571m above sea level at Jungfraujoch. 

Initially, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go up Jungfrau but finally made the decision on the last day...kinda pricey but was definitely worth it coz the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. Plus, we'll never get to see this in M'sia so might as well take this opportunity since I've come all the way. Lucky us the weather was superb...clear skies for me to take nice pics of the snowy mountains. =)

Misty mountains...view from our room. Nice view & fresh air...what a great way to start the day. :) 

Took a train all the way up to the highest railway station in Europe. As I mentioned costs quite a lot to go up the mountain...spent all those Swiss Francs. =.=

Scenery along the way...the train ride took bout 1.5 hours.

Finally arrived Jungfraujoch!!

First stop...Ice Palace. Nothing much to see though.


Time for some camwhoring. :p was actually pretty cold out there (-2.5c) but still bearable. I was wearing 4 layers of clothes and 2 layers of jeans.

Another viewpoint on the mountain...the Sphinx Terrace.

View from the Sphinx.

More pictures! :p My leg was actually shaking walking on that platform coz the 'floor' was filled with holes and we could see the cliffs right below our feet!!

Panoramic view from another side of the mountain.

We could actually hike along the trails in the snow but we didn't coz it was cold. :p Besides, I didn't wear any shades and it was so glaring coz the snow was reflecting the sunlight...extremely strong UV. I could hardly see anything when I went back indoor. 

Me loveee these pics!! =)

Woohoo...jumpshots again!! Credits to WeyShin for taking all my awesome jumpshot pics. 

Acting stupid before leaving. :p

Sceneries on the way downhill

Switched train at Kleine Scheidegg station.

Back to Grund station...5 minutes walk from our hostel. Beautiful scenery yea. :)

Took a train up to Grindelwald town to get some souvenirs & swiss chocs then walked back down that small path to get back to our hostel. 

Said 'hi' to some moo moos along the way.

Do you notice that all the houses there have the same pattern? The government actually pays the owner to build their houses in this pattern so that it looks nicer. 

Alright...that wraps up my posts for Switzerland. Hope you've enjoyed the pictures. =) 3 more updates to go...Germany, Amsterdam, Belgium...mission to be accomplished by next week. :p


Hera said...

Hi , want to know houm much is the cost for Jungfrau trip?

thanks said...

It costs bout 120 swiss francs or approx 100 euros depending on the exchange rate. But if u're following a tour..perhaps u may wanna get some swiss francs in advance.