Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When In Rome

Happy Belated 20.10.2010! =) After traveling for one whole month, I'm finally HOME!! =) Drove back all the way from KL today and haven't done anything since I got back this evening. Lots of things to unpack and clear but I guess I'll just leave it for tomorrow. 

Oct 8 (Sat): Roma!!
Visited the capital of Italy...Rome...on our 2nd day in Italy. A very historical city and our tour guide was actually pretty good explaining lots of stories & history. :)

Stayed in a chalet at a camping village in Rome. All the chalets look like container but in fact it is quite cozy in there. We had a small living room and a kitchen...good coz we can finally cook. :) There were 2 rooms in each chalet and we had 2 New Zealanders as our 'chalet-mates'. :)

Had lunch at the campsite restaurant before heading to the city for our walking tour. 

As the saying goes, 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'...yea we traveled on buses & metro just like the!! :p

Met our tour guide at the Spanish Steps.

Trevi Fountain...this fountain is famous coz it appeared on many shows. I didn't throw any coins into the fountain though. :p

The Pantheon...the interior was's used as a Roman Catholic church.

Randomly snapping pictures as we were walking...lotsa cars, motorbikes, people. Btw...Italians are quite ganas in driving...can compare with M'!!

Piazza Venezia

All the ruins from ancient Roman at the Roman Forum. 

One of the greatest work of Roman architecture...The Colosseum. 

Had Margherita pizza & white wine for dinner before heading back to our chalet. 

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