Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring 2009 Classes

Looking back at all the pictures that I've posted since I came here to US...I realized that most of them are either about traveling or outings. That's why my friends asked me if I came here to study or have fun...coz it seemed like I was enjoying all the time...haha!! Well...that's quite true...but I did study too!! So this time, I brought my camera to classes and 'curi-curi' took pictures during class...hehe!!

MUA140: Beginning Guitar Class
I've always wanted to learn guitar but I was too lazy to learn it by myself. I knew how to play piano, violin, & horn...but not guitar...too bad! Bro has a guitar at home that nobody ever plays. Coming here under this exchange program was a great opportunity for me to learn guitar...finally!! We were allowed to choose our own classes as long as 50% of the classes are within our major. The other 50% can be, art, sports, engineering...whatever I huh!! Last semester I took Japanese & this semester I decided to take up guitar. Thanks to Daniel for borrowing me his awesome Martin & Co. guitar that cost $1200 for this class...yeah!! :) Even though I always complained carrying the heavy & huge guitar case to class twice per week, I really enjoyed this guitar class...coz it was the only 'stress-free' class...haha!! Mr Weaver was also easy on us and taught us according to our own pace. I got A+ for this class but there's still a lot more to least I know the basics now...woohoo~!!

I likey likey my awesome guitar & guitar class!!

MU306: Music Technology
Music Technology...sounds deep huh!! Yea I know...I'm an accounting major...and what am I doing in a 'music technology' class?? I've never had any basics on music tech and I'm taking this level 3 class??? My brain must have gone wrong when I selected my classes....haha!! Well...I thought I'll get to learn recording & mixing music coz I'm interested in these, that's why I took this class. But I totally forgotten about the theory part...I saw 'stars & moons' when Dr Bowyer was teaching...Digital Audio & MIDI = 'stars & moons'....hahaha!! But luckily I still managed to do well on the exams...yeah!! We were supposed to do 2 projects throughout the semester but due to time constraints, we had to put aside the recording project & spent most of our time working on the Flash project. Wait a minute...Flash???? I'm not a computer major like some others...and I've never done any 'programming' before!! So no choice...had to learn and luckily Dr Bowyer helped us along the way. I remember spending hours in the library working on this project...and when my friends whom I was chatting with asked me what I was doin...I'll say...'FLASHING'...hehe!! ;) Of course, I finished my project & also got an 'A' for this class...pretty good huh!! ;) Check out my Flash project: Virtual Chords-Learning Guide for Beginners

ACC433: Forensic Accounting
In fact, I can take any business classes regardless of the level...easy or's all up to me...but I still took two level 4 classes this semester. I chose this class instead of advanced auditing mainly because it is not common in Malaysia...and the word Forensic sounds cool! Sounds cool but the class was not really that cool...hehe!! There were several times when I nearly fell asleep in class coz it was mainly theory...equals...boring! Most of my classmate brought their laptops to class...looked very pro huh...but I'm sure they were all multi-tasking...haha!! I wanted to do the same thing also but I sat at the front row...too bad!! I got an A for this class also...yeah!! ;)

MGT499: Competitive Strategy

I took this class because it is similar to the 'Business Analysis' class that I'll be taking when I go back to TARC. I have been relaxing a lot this whole year so gotta get back some momentum, so that it will not be too difficult when I go back home. I really enjoyed Dr. Chadwick's class coz he didn't need to use any Powerpoint...all he did was talking...for 3 hours...and managed to keep me awake all the time!! That's some skills there! We also had a group project for this class. My group selected Sony and we had to analyse the company's internal & external environment, find the problems and come up with recommendations. We also had to do a presentation at the end of the semester. I can say that this was my first time working with Americans for a group project and I wasn't impressed at all. I've always had the perception that since English is their main language, it should be much easier for them to write papers and do compared to us foreign students whose first language is not English. But I was so so fact...I think even my friends in TARC can do better! I had to do the entire Powerpoint presentation slides for my group coz the others were busy or lazy I dunno...I don't wanna comment much...the process was pretty frustrating. And during the presentation, quite a lot of them just READ from the paper...omg!!! Of course, there were still SOME good ones. I got a 'B+' for a freakin' 89.23%!!!! Damn it...I'd rather just get 80!! Our group project paper was the one that pulled my marks down...stupid stupid stupid!!! :(

MIS146: Computer Application for Business

This was another easy class that I took. I was so glad that it was a web-based class...I didn't have to go for class at all...juz did online tutorials and it!! The class taught everything about Microsoft Office's pretty easy coz I knew most of the things already but it's still cool to learn some new functions. Yeap...'A+' for this class as well...hehe!! ')

My classrooms...all my classes are small so we didn't need big lecture halls like TARC.


shuling said...

i wish i can take more non-business class in USC. since only credits are transferable, i take all business courses here so that i do not need to take them back in NUS (which will be much more tougher to get good grade). haha. other than that, i am taking 5 courses all level 4 (if i only take 4 courses, i need to take up to 6 courses bac in NUS in order to graduate on time, stupid NUS).....and i still got time to travel and have fun every weekend. sounds awesome rite!!!!! said...

Good choice that you came here for this semester...made ur life easier yea!! Too bad I can't transfer anything...if not would be awesome too! Hehe!! ;p Enjoy your last days here!! So sad gonna fly back this Sunday...:(