Friday, August 10, 2012

Training in Singapore 2.0

Travelled to Singapore together with all Dell team colleagues last week to attend a training. Pretty much similar to the one we attended last year just that the people were slightly different this time around. The training was from Mon-Wed but I decided to fly earlier to spend a weekend there since Rachel is in SG. =P 

4 Aug 2012 (Saturday): Sentosa Island
For my last few trips to Singapore, I didn't thought about visiting Sentosa coz I didn't plan to go to Universal Studios. But Rachel visited Sentosa few weeks ago and said that there were quite a lot of fun stuffs to do there and after looking up online, I decided to make a trip there this time to tryout some rides.

Palawan Beach @ Sentosa Island. See the dark clouds there??

 The Southern Most Point in continental Asia.

And then it started pouring...what a day to be at the 'beach'!!

Luckily the rain stopped after a while...time to hit some 'waves' at Wavehouse Sentosa!!

The one thing that I wanted to try most in Sentosa was surfing. I've never surfed before coz there's nowhere to surf in Malaysia so I reckon this would be a good time to pick up some surfing skills...haha!! I also remembered Allan Wu sharing about this Wavehouse in Singapore on his blog and it looked pretty fun!

 Honestly, it really wasn't easy just to balance myself but I think I did okay for my first surfing attempt in the FlowRider. Had some epic wipeouts but that's!!! At least after an hour of training, I was able to balance and move front, back, left, right!! I would definitely like to try this again in the future. =)

Cute kiddos around to distract me while I was waiting for my turn. =P

Also tried out the Luge and Skyride (highly recommended by Rachel). 

After a whole day of fun, we had our dinner at Din Tai Fung. The Xiao Long Bao wasn't as good as the ones we had in Shanghai though.

5 Aug 2012 (Sunday): Marina Bay Sands & Gardens by the Bay

Checked into Carlton Hotel before continuing my sightseeing on Sunday. YuHan & Rae came over to the hotel for a mini UGRAD gathering.

Walked all the way from the hotel to MBS.

Walked till Gardens by the attraction but we only took pic from far...I'm not a fan of flowers and plants. The 2 pics at the bottom is to show my frustration for asking people to help take see what I mean??? We decided to call it a day earlier and went back to the hotel to watch Lee Chong Wei's final against Lin Dan...ended up shouting like crazy people in the hotel!!

6-8 Aug 2012 (Mon-Wed): AQW Training @ PwC Singapore

After a weekend of fun, it was time for our 3-days training.

Ordered in Quiznos, Berg and Italian for lunch and had Jap food for dinner...yummy!!

Aight that's all for my short SG work + play trip!!

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